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Advocacy Services


One of our major initiatives is our Senior Citizen Technology Advocacy service. Technology can be daunting for anyone. Something as ubiquitous as the iPhone can be a very difficult and confusing piece of equipment to use, especially for someone from a generation that grew up before the microprocessor. Ipsum Valorem wants everyone to benefit from technology and that means helping those who might not even understand the potential of the products and devices they own. This is why Ipsum Valorem created its Senior Citizen Technology Advocacy and Training services. This service helps Senior Citizens get the maximum benefit from technology and electronics in a safe, secure, and appropriate manner. This is a wide-ranging service which includes everything from basic training to password protection and storage services. Something as simple as a video call with the grandkids could be a challenge without someone to help show the way and ensure it is done the right way. Ipsum Valorem has developed this unique service specifically to help maximize the benefit and enjoyment of the use of devices, web-services, television, and any other hi-tech product or service that might be desired. This service exists in many different ways including on-site seminars, 24-hour tech support, and specialized apps and services to provide simple and effective use of technology to maximize the benefit and enjoyment.

Apps and Services


Children are unique users of technology because they are so adaptable and able to learn. The mobile device economy is full of thousands of apps geared toward children and deciding what is best for your kids can be a difficult task for any parent. Ipsum Valorem believes that anyone, regardless of age, should be able to safely use technology for the their benefit, entertainment, and learning. This is why we initiated our Apps and Services department to create, review, analyze, and report on applications and web-based services to provide a resource to parents and educators.

Products for Purpose, not for Profit


Ipsum Valorem is always looking for ideas and innovative inspiration to develop products and services that fill a need beyond just being able to generate strong returns. Some of today’s most successful and useful things were created without profit in mind… they were built to fill a void and it was only after their success began to grow that profit became the focal point. Ipsum Valorem believes that the best products are built when the focus is on solving real problems. We are constantly evaluating the world to find something it needs… whether that be a better mouse trap or a new form of reusable clean energy. We are scientists, engineers, specialists, and creators… our minds are always at work looking for a better and cleaner way to live together in our world.