years ago, technology made a promise to society…

now its time for that promise to be fulfilled

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We’re here to help…

Ipsum Valorem is a non-profit organization with the sole purpose to better lives through technology. Our name was specially chosen to represent what we do… Ipsum, Latin for Engineering, and Valorem, Latin for Value. It’s a simple goal with a very complex path. Technology is everywhere in our society and our lives are impacted more and more every day. Ipsum Valorem wants to help make sure that any impact people might feel from technology is beneficial.

Ipsum Valorem was founded by engineers, scientists, teachers, and experts. We have built our careers on the backbone of technology and now we are ready to use our skills to make lives better, rather than design products for profit.

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What we do…

Consulting and advice

Training and education

Develop apps and services

Create products

Study and think 

We went to the moon over 50 years ago by inventing technology that didn’t exist yet… Now we have unlimited technology and no clear understanding of where it should take us.


Why a nonprofit?

Profit is not our goal. Politics have no place here. We want to make the world better because it’s the right thing to do. We want to help people be happier because of technology. We want to solve the world’s problems through science and engineering. We want to teach people how to be safe, secure, and effective using technology and the internet. Fundamentally we believe that the best way we can achieve our goals is not to focus on making money from technology. For-profit companies build wonderful products and provide excellent services but our goals are different… we want to focus on the societal benefit of those products and services and we believe keeping our focus away from just making money allows us to make decisions that are right for people, not just right for shareholders.

Better lives. Safer tech. Smarter people. Happy society.

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